THE UPND have asked the PF to withdraw parliamentary election petitions, claiming they are a drain on national resources.
And MMD vice-president for politics Michael Kaingu says the PF should have appreciated the value of winning the 2011 elections by ignoring parliamentary election petitions.
Commenting on the Supreme Court's nullification of the election of UPND's Hastings Sililo in Mulobezi Constituency, UPND spokesperson Charles Kakoma said the PF should wait for the 2016 elections to regain the parliamentary seats they lost in the 2011 elections.
He accused the PF of having an agenda to grab all parliamentary seats from the opposition to marshal two-thirds majority in Parliament.
"It is unfortunate that the seat has been nullified. We know that this is PF's agenda to create by-elections to increase the numbers in Parliament. People are tired of these by-elections," Kakoma said. "If they wanted these seats, they would have waited for 2016 elections because these are unnecessary and costly by-elections."
He, however, said the UPND was confident of retaining the Mulobezi seat.
"We are going to adopt Honourable Sililo for Mulobezi by-elections. He is a very popular candidate and we will field him on the party ticket. We are 99.9 per cent confident that UPND will win back the seat," he said.
Asked on Supreme Court judge Elizabeth Muyovwe's ruling that the donation of blankets and mattresses in the constituency was widespread and influenced the election result, Kakoma responded: "We are not convinced that Sililo engaged in bribery to win the seat. But people were making allegations and collaborative lies to implicate him."
And Kaingu said the PF should have appreciated the value of winning the 2011 elections by ignoring parliamentary election petitions.
He also accused the PF of creating unnecessary by-elections.
"We have again one of those numerous by-elections which are very expensive. Yes, I agree that democracy is expensive, but if the PF had appreciated the winning of the general election and let members of parliament be in the House without petitioning, we would not have these numerous by-elections," Kaingu said.
The PF petitioned over 60 parliamentary elections upon winning the 2011 elections.
Last week, the Supreme Court also nullified the election of Malambo MMD member of parliament Maxwell Mwale.
And Kaingu claimed that the MMD was still popular in Lambaland.
He said despite losing the Mpongwe by-election, the MMD had strong representation in Lambaland.
"We MMD have very strong representation in the constituency. We have district officials in Masaiti. We have constituency officials in Kafulafuta itself. We have about five councillors in Kafulafuta who refused to even go with the former member of parliament to the PF," Kaingu said. "So that leadership cannot be ignored. I cannot make a statement before that leadership comes back to us to tell us the state of affairs."
On assertions that MMD was having difficulties in selecting a candidate to stand in Kafulafuta because Evelyn Mwanawasa, thei preferred candidate, had turned down the offer, Kaingu responded: "It is news to us, and we have to sit down and talk to our leadership in Kafulafuta. MMD is strong in Kafulafuta. We have councillors, and party officials; they will come back to us, if what you are saying is true."
The Electoral Commission of Zambia has set July 25 as the date for Chipata Central, Mkushi North, Solwezi-East and Kafulafuta by-elections.
The Kafulafuta seat fell vacant after former member of parliament James Chishiba defected from the MMD to the PF.